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Knitting Kits

Leafy Baby Blanket Knitting Kit

Leave baby's discomfort behind with the Leafy Baby Blanket Kit! This beautiful blanket is quick to work up and has a lovely, leaf-inspired pattern for...

Reg.Price 74.25
Our Price 67.50

Zerlina Lace Shawl Knitting Kit

The Zerlina Shawl Kit makes for an easy knit and a guaranteed hit! You'll receive a pattern and Cloudborn Merino Superwash Sock Twist yarn to create t...

Reg.Price 37.40
Our Price 34.00

Dappled Sunlight Shawl Knitting Kit

Drape the Dappled Sunlight Shawl over any outfit for light, lovely style. This geometric design highlights the beauty of lace and is worked on the bia...

Reg.Price 31.35
Our Price 28.50

Hot Oatmeal Lace Shawl Knitting Kit

Wrap up in the Hot Oatmeal Scarf to stay cozy all day long. This comfortable accessory features a gorgeous garter stitch eyelet patterning that brings...

Reg.Price 52.25
Our Price 47.50

Over the Sea to Skye Lace Shawl Knitting Kit

Our Over the Sea to the Skye shawl is a breath of fresh air. Featuring panels of elegant lace, this asymmetric design mimics the breezy effects of win...

Reg.Price 39.05
Our Price 35.50

Yarn for 2016 Socks Knit Along

Get all the sumptuous yarn you need to create all three class sock patterns — without the fiber selection guesswork. By the time you've finished all...

Reg.Price 62.15
Our Price 56.50

Picking Daisies Shawl Knitting Kit

The perfect project for the adventurous beginner, courtesy of Melanie Berg.

Reg.Price 66.99
Our Price 60.90

Drachenfels Shawl Knitting Kit

Named after "Dragon Rock" in Germany, this stunning shawl will breathe style into your wardrobe. Work the Drachenfels Shawl Kit into scale-inspired, s...

Reg.Price 42.35
Our Price 38.50

Messaline Pullover Sweater Knitting Kit

Knitters are swooning for the Messaline Sweater! Featuring unique cable paneling and flattering construction, your new piece is sure to become a wardr...

Reg.Price 45.10
Our Price 41.00

Bexley Popover Sweater Knitting Kit

A flowy popover for those transitional days.

Reg.Price 90.20
Our Price 82.00

Knitted Knockers Project Kit

Help support breast cancer survivors while you perfect your basic stitches.

Reg.Price 17.05
Our Price 15.50

Changing Light Scarf Knitting Kit

This fun colorful project knits up quickly with prismatic results. Shine apart from the rest!

Reg.Price 52.25
Our Price 47.50

Reversible Listado Cowl Knitting Kit

You'll want to add this lovely cowl to your to-knit wishlist. The Reversible Listado Kit includes a gorgeous lace pattern designed by Laura Nelkin and...

Reg.Price 37.95
Our Price 34.50

Ashley Cowl Knitting Kit

Show your stripes by working the lovely Ashley Cowl. This project shines thanks to the self-striping Cloudborn Sport Color Change yarn and eyelet desi...

Reg.Price 38.50
Our Price 35.00

Cheers! Lace Shawl Knitting Kit

The Cheers!!! Shawl is worth a toast in itself! Featuring integrated I-cord edging, a beautiful lace border and easy-to-wear crescent shaping, it's su...

Reg.Price 36.85
Our Price 33.50

Miquon Shawl Knitting Kit

Stole meets shawl in the Miquon Kit! Featuring subtle ribbing, chevrons and stripes, you'll love how the understated features create stunning style th...

Reg.Price 42.35
Our Price 38.50

Positive Thoughts #1 Shawl Knitting Kit

This shawl will put anyone in a good mood. The Positive Thoughts #1 Shawl is a showcase in elegance, featuring two openwork lace motifs, beautiful lac...

Reg.Price 20.90
Our Price 19.00

Beld Cardigan Sweater Knitting Kit

When you want a classic silhouette with modern style, look to the Beld Sweater Kit. This go-to garment features mesh patterning and a familiar fit.

Reg.Price 36.85
Our Price 33.50

Ana Sweater Knitting Kit

There's no shortage of style here! The Ana sweater features a trendy, cropped waistline and flowy dolman sleeves, for fashion that's in harmony whethe...

Reg.Price 150.70
Our Price 137.00

Crimson Blossom Lace Knitting Kit

Watch your style bloom with the Crimson Blossom Shawl! Brimming with elegance, this light-as-air accessory features a striking diamond lace pattern an...

Reg.Price 38.50
Our Price 35.00

Slip Zag Cowl Knitting Kit

This two-tone design leads to one tantalizing result: a fabulous double-loop cowl! Featuring slip-stitch colorwork complemented by beautiful, alternat...

Reg.Price 40.26
Our Price 36.60

Beaubourg Sweater Knitting Kit

Manos Del Uruguay yarn is crafted of 100% Extrafine Merino Wool, hand-dyed and wound by women working with The Manos Cooperatives, as part of the Worl...

Reg.Price 122.10
Our Price 111.00

Caladan Lace Shawl Knitting Kit

Designed to invoke images of the rainy, windswept ocean, the Caladan Shawl will bring a storm of style to any wardrobe. This crescent-shaped shawl has...

Reg.Price 30.14
Our Price 27.40

Promontory Point Cardigan Knitting Kit

Need an engaging knit? This cute cardi is sure to keep your interest!

Reg.Price 68.20
Our Price 62.00

Lemon Difficult Shawl Knitting Kit

Here's a shawl with boisterous brioche sure to get those needles clicking!

Reg.Price 46.20
Our Price 42.00

Fresa Cowl Knitting Kit

Fresa means Strawberry in Spanish, and it's no wonder where this pretty cowl gets it's name — the rows of alternating eyelets look just like little st...

Reg.Price 47.30
Our Price 43.00

Chevron Cable Throw Knitting Kit

Knit a simple blanket with incredible texture that only looks complex.

Reg.Price 64.35
Our Price 58.50

Square Within a Square Blanket Knitting Kit

A geometric, textured blanket with simple combinations of knit and purl.

Reg.Price 35.92
Our Price 32.65

Simple Pretty Cowl Knitting Kit

The Simple Pretty Cowl is easy to work and comfy to wear. Made using basic garter stitches, the simple pattern and rolled edges give this cowl an effo...

Reg.Price 31.90
Our Price 29.00

Tilted Texture Shawl Knitting Kit

Work up two skeins of fingering weight yarn to create a soft, free-flowing cover up with lots of texture.

Reg.Price 37.40
Our Price 34.00

Chemo Cap and Scarf Knitting Kit

This Chemo Caps kit is everything you need to create a donation that makes a difference!

Reg.Price 16.34
Our Price 14.85

Putting on the Worsted Pleats Skirt Knitting Kit

Knit this pleated skirt with tight stitches to help keep it’s shape over time.

Reg.Price 81.40
Our Price 74.00

Estonian Dreams Lace Shawl Knitting Kit

The shawl of your dreams is real! The Estonian Dreams shawl features wondrous, willow-stitch lace complete with the signature nupps that set the Eston...

Reg.Price 29.70
Our Price 27.00

Zadie Sweater Knitting Kit

Conquer knit cables with this relaxed-fit raglan sweater.

Reg.Price 66.00
Our Price 60.00

Inara Wrap Knitting Kit

Make an accessory that stands out from the colorwork crowd.

Reg.Price 86.35
Our Price 78.50

Malini Shawl Knitting Kit

A multicolored mosaic scarf that’s easier to make than it looks!

Reg.Price 60.17
Our Price 54.70

Mad Day Out Shawl Knitting Kit

A colorful short-row shawl combining a solid skein with a mini pack.

Reg.Price 61.05
Our Price 55.50

Flip Top Mittens Knitting Kit

Basic flip top mittens with easy construction – stitch a pair for the entire family!

Reg.Price 22.55
Our Price 20.50

Thistle Shawl Knitting Kit

A linen stitch triangle shawl featuring Lorna's Laces hand-dyed yarn.

Reg.Price 106.15
Our Price 96.50

Across the Brook Lace Shawl Knitting Kit

A beautiful repeating lace pattern with a color-and-stitch variation at the bottom.

Reg.Price 52.25
Our Price 47.50

Aveza Shawl Knitting Kit

Combine a solid and mini skein pack for this colorful garter stitch shawl.

Reg.Price 61.60
Our Price 56.00

Forget-Me-Not Shawl Knitting Kit

Create two unforgettable shawls — triangle or crescent — from one easy pattern!

Reg.Price 47.30
Our Price 43.00

Cloudborn Basic Hat and Scarf Knitting Kit

This easy hat-and-scarf pattern is perfect for beginner knitters!

Reg.Price 17.05
Our Price 15.50

Yolk Pullover Knitting Kit

Perfect for summer, this light and airy sweater features eyelet designs down the sides and sleeves.

Reg.Price 53.35
Our Price 48.50

Dazzle Hat Knitting Kit

A slouchy beanie with colorful stripes that’s sure to make heads turn!

Reg.Price 59.95
Our Price 54.50

The Aspens Blanket Knitting Kit

Perfect for cozying up by the fire! This fringed blanket works up quickly using two strands of yarn.

Reg.Price 136.07
Our Price 123.70

Chunky Striped Hat Knitting Kit

An accompaniment to our Startup Library: Knitting class, this striped pom-pom hat is perfect for beginners.

Reg.Price 30.80
Our Price 28.00

Jazmin Cowl Knitting Kit

A quick and easy color-changing cowl.

Reg.Price 77.00
Our Price 70.00

Wild Prairie Lace Shawl Knitting Kit

A chunky lace shawl that works up quickly !

Reg.Price 43.68
Our Price 39.71

Playing with Squares Wash Cloth Knitting Kit

Cotton wash clothes with basic patterning – a green alternative for paper towels!

Reg.Price 12.65
Our Price 11.50

5 Lines Shawl Knitting Kit

A large garter stitch shawl with intarsia stripes for a simple-yet-striking look.

Reg.Price 75.90
Our Price 69.00

Phil Basin & Soak Wash Kit

In Blocking Handknits with Kate Atherley, students learn the best techniques and benefits to blocking. Kate demystifies the process, providing time sa...

Reg.Price 55.00
Our Price 50.00

Juniata Park Cowl Knitting Kit

Hone your striping skills with these mini skein packs of coordinating hues.

Reg.Price 47.85
Our Price 43.50

Impulsive Shawl Knitting Kit

A delicate shawl with lace edging and stockinette center. Beautiful worked in mini skeins, hand-paints or solids.

Reg.Price 33.55
Our Price 30.50

Quick and Easy Seed Stitch Scarf or Cowl Knitting Kit

The name says it all — this seed stitch scarf or cowl (your choice!) works up quickly in super-bulky yarn. It's a great project for a true beginner.

Reg.Price 29.59
Our Price 26.90

Serenity Now Shawl Knitting Kit

Keep calm and knit on! This peaceful striped shawl features an asymmetric shape that looks good on anyone.

Reg.Price 61.05
Our Price 55.50

Courie In Sweater Knitting Kit

Courie In is Scottish for “snuggle up,” and this oversized wrap-front cardigan is perfect for doing just that. Choose from Cloudborn Superwash Merino...

Reg.Price 97.90
Our Price 89.00

Niazuma Sweater Knitting Kit

A cotton short-sleeve V-neck sweater with details on the front and sides – perfect for wearing year-round.

Reg.Price 62.70
Our Price 57.00

Waterlily Wrap Knitting Kit

Perfect for those transitional days, this delicate lace cover up has just enough detail to keep your hands moving.

Reg.Price 38.50
Our Price 35.00

Rag Hiking Socks Knitting Kit

Blaze the trails with a pair of these super-thick socks – the coziest hiking buddies your feet could ask for.

Reg.Price 46.75
Our Price 42.50

Vigneto Shawl Knitting Kit

Say "ciao, bella" to the Vigneto Shawl Kit! Showcasing a texture stitch that calls to mind Italian grapevines, this alluring accessory will add eye-ca...

Reg.Price 22.00
Our Price 20.00

Fox Paws Scarf Knitting Kit

Get crazy with increases and decreases to create this vibrant motif! And if you're looking for a warm-up project, we recommend the Thessaly Stacked St...

Reg.Price 47.85
Our Price 43.50

Plaidaptation Poncho Knitting Kit

Knit a pretty, practical, and plaid poncho.

Reg.Price 41.36
Our Price 37.60

Architexture Scarf Knitting Kit

The Architexture Scarf Kit is a blueprint for success! You'll receive a pattern and Cloudborn Highland Fingering yarn to create this sensational acces...

Reg.Price 30.80
Our Price 28.00

Spark of Grey Multicolor Shawl Knitting Kit

Don't let the name fool you — the Spark of Grey Shawl Kit works up into a world of color! Your kit includes a pattern and two stunning Cloudborn yarns...

Reg.Price 78.00
Our Price 70.91

Banded Comfy Pullover Sweater Knitting Kit

A simple men’s sweater in light bulky yarn – a faster knit that’s not too warm.

Reg.Price 89.10
Our Price 81.00

Reversible Cable Scarf Knitting Kit

A chunky men's scarf with reversible cables, when a sweater just isn't enough!

Reg.Price 61.60
Our Price 56.00

3 in 1 Button Boots Knitting Kit

What's better than a cute pair of knit booties? When those same booties give you three totally different ways to wear them!

Reg.Price 36.30
Our Price 33.00

A Walk Through the Aspens Cowl or Wrap Knitting Kit

A traditional cabled pattern with tightly-twisted yarn to highlight the stitches.

Reg.Price 35.20
Our Price 32.00

Westbound Car Coat Knitting Kit

Comfy but not oversized, this charming car coat fits just right. Belt is optional.

Reg.Price 39.05
Our Price 35.50

Frozen Snowflakes Beanie Hat Knitting Kit

A traditional colorwork pattern that's perfect for anyone.

Reg.Price 16.39
Our Price 14.90

Bergamot Shawl Knitting Kit

It's all about the details! Especially when it comes to the colors in this asymmetrical shawl.

Reg.Price 48.40
Our Price 44.00

Eco Quilt and Cable Blanket Knitting Kit

Fall in love with this unique, reversible blanket by Cascade Yarns! Designed with intertwining cables that dazzle from both sides, you'll love how qui...

Reg.Price 104.50
Our Price 95.00

Squirreled Away Blanket Knitting Kit

A soft, textured squirrel baby blanket with a hood.

Reg.Price 35.17
Our Price 31.97

Atlantic Current Socks Knitting Kit

Make waves with your next pair of socks! Comfy and cozy, adding a little color to the mix makes this the perfect sock!

Reg.Price 20.90
Our Price 19.00

Horizontal Herringbone Scarf Knitting Kit

An everyday men's scarf worked across the long edge in a herringbone stitch pattern.

Reg.Price 47.85
Our Price 43.50

Harmonize Shawl Knitting Kit

Work two balls from opposite ends to create the natural harmony of color in this sophisticated shawl.

Reg.Price 70.95
Our Price 64.50

Holly Lane Cardigan Sweater Knitting Kit

This open-front cardigan with raglan-style sleeves is worked top-down in the round and then steeked, or cut, which allows for the colorwork to all be ...

Reg.Price 67.65
Our Price 61.50

Purless Shawl Knitting Kit

A cozy, oversized shawl – and not a purl in sight!

Reg.Price 108.08
Our Price 98.25

Unicorn Poncho and Socks Crochet Kit

Keep your little ones cute and cozy all season long! This enchanting set features a hooded poncho with pockets and and matching socks.

Reg.Price 49.56
Our Price 45.05

Sedum Sweater Knitting Kit

Perfect for all-season weather, this textured seed stitch sweater is knit top-down in bulky-weight yarn for a quick yet satisfying project.

Reg.Price 124.30
Our Price 113.00

Aquicowl Knitting Kit

Featuring our exclusive gradient set, this mesmerizing cowl is worked in the round with just simple slipped stitches for dramatic yet simple colorwork...

Reg.Price 47.30
Our Price 43.00

Cloudborn Through the Woods Hood

A warm winter hood for whatever the woods might hold.

Reg.Price 35.20
Our Price 32.00

Stretta Cardigan Sweater Knitting Kit

Perfect for layering, this comfy cardigan features a draped neckline that flatters any figure. Knit from the top down in one piece for an easy project...

Reg.Price 98.31
Our Price 89.37

Ravens in Snow Fingerless Mitts Knitting Kit

Celebrate the raven — known for its simple beauty and impressive intellect — with these elegant mitts. Worked from the lace cuff up, they feature pict...

Reg.Price 32.07
Our Price 29.15

Quick and Easy Rib Hat Knitting Kit

The name says it all – this cute cap works up quickly in super-bulky yarn.

Reg.Price 12.43
Our Price 11.30

Quick and Easy Rib Scarf or Cowl Knitting Kit

The name says it all – this ribbed scarf or cowl (your choice!) works up quickly in super-bulky yarn.

Reg.Price 29.59
Our Price 26.90

Dewberry Hassock Pouf Knitting Kit

Dress up any empty corner with this mosaic-style pouf. Work it up in worsted-weight wool yarn, then get ready to sit back and relax!

Reg.Price 75.77
Our Price 68.88

Cotton Tilted Texture Shawl Knitting Kit

They say that practice makes a perfect shawl! Use textured stitches to knit up this fun and easy project.

Reg.Price 50.60
Our Price 46.00

Double Tuck Blanket Knitting Kit

Worked from the center out, this beginner-friendly blanket combines multiple textures for added visual appeal. Plus you can work it in any color, maki...

Reg.Price 113.03
Our Price 102.75

Old Toll Road Highland Knitting Kit

A light and airy wrap with seamless lace texture – sheer elegance!

Reg.Price 33.61
Our Price 30.55

Scania Shawl Knitting Kit

Hold two strands together to create the rich color treatment in this fringed shawl.

Reg.Price 55.61
Our Price 50.55

Changing Light - Dyed by Lorna's Laces - Scarf Knitting Kit

We gave this crowd favorite a little love from our new Lorna's + Cloudborn dyes!

Reg.Price 62.70
Our Price 57.00

Yarn for 2016 Accessories Knit Along

Get creative - and cozy! - this fall with three easy accessories. Our Fall 2016 Knit-Along kit provides all the soft, warm Cloudborn yarn you need to...

Reg.Price 71.50
Our Price 65.00

Double Stranded Seed Stitch Basket Knitting Kit

Knit a charming basket to hold everything from knitting projects to cleaning supplies. Basic stitches make it perfect for beginners.

Reg.Price 24.18
Our Price 21.98

Hemisphere Shawl Knitting Kit

Show off your lace skills with this beautifully intricate shawl! Cloudborn Superwash Merino yarn makes it lightweight, so you can wear it all year rou...

Reg.Price 46.34
Our Price 42.13

Clamber Cardigan Sweater Knitting Kit

Practice your cabling with this lightweight open-front cardigan. The customizable pattern makes it easy to create a perfect-fitting top, no matter you...

Reg.Price 53.90
Our Price 49.00

Inside Passage Shawl Knitting Kit

Ready to dive into lace? This striking shawl uses a simple, easy-to-memorize pattern, making its crashing wave design a great choice for new lace knit...

Reg.Price 45.44
Our Price 41.31

Entwined Blanket Knitting Kit

If you’re comfortable knitting cables and lace, then you’re ready for this textured throw. Fold it over the couch in the living room, or use it has a ...

Reg.Price 145.89
Our Price 132.63

Wolf River Sweater Knitting Kit

A gorgeous lace pullover with half-twist rib. Works up quickly in bulky weight yarn.

Reg.Price 54.45
Our Price 49.50

Wanderer Tunic Knitting Kit

Practice your cabling with this stunning long sleeve tunic-style sweater. It’s great for keeping warm on chilly days.

Reg.Price 118.46
Our Price 107.69

Novel-T Sweater Knitting Kit

Get ready for warmer weather with this breezy knit T-shirt. Work it up using Laura Nelkin's unique Novus construction and a chevron lace stitch side p...

Reg.Price 55.04
Our Price 50.04

The Gift of Promise Wrap Sweater Knitting Kit

Wrap yourself in this simple yet stunning sweater. Follow the stag horn cable along the bottom edge as it climbs ups and over the shoulder. Plus, th...

Reg.Price 67.93
Our Price 61.75

Bands of Brioche Slippers Knitting Kit

Practice your brioche stitches with these cozy, self-striping slippers. Knitted as one piece, there's no sewing or seaming at the end so you can wear...

Reg.Price 23.87
Our Price 21.70

Peruvian Dreams Lace Shawl Knitting Kit

Perfect your lace skills with this luxurious triangular shawl. Featuring a sampling of gathered stitches and simple cables, it’s sure to be a favorite...

Reg.Price 59.90
Our Price 54.45

Calliandra Shawl Knitting Kit

Practice your lace with this botanical-inspired shawl. It features a delicate scalloped border and works up quickly from side to side.

Reg.Price 64.38
Our Price 58.53

Sands of Coolness Wrap Knitting Kit

If you like mini skeins, then you’ll love this playful shawl! It features fun stripes with easy lace.

Reg.Price 88.39
Our Price 80.35

Semblance Shawl Knitting Kit

This impressive-looking shawl is easier to make than you might think! With only a few rows of simple lace and a mock brioche border, it’s a great proj...

Reg.Price 53.97
Our Price 49.06

Hap-py Shawl Knitting Kit

Thinking of venturing into stripes and lace? This feather and fan lace pattern is the perfect place to start! Plus, create a perfectly symmetrical sc...

Reg.Price 50.89
Our Price 46.26

Corduroy Casual Slippers Knitting Kit

Slip your feet into something more comfortable, like these super snug slippers! Use ribbed stitches to create a cushioned sole.

Reg.Price 32.25
Our Price 29.32

Boho Chic Mosaic Shawl Knitting Kit

Simple and modern with '70s flair, this triangular shawl is worked from the top down with easy slip-stitch colorwork.

Reg.Price 77.33
Our Price 70.30

Brickyard Swoncho Knitting Kit

Sweater + poncho = swoncho! Throw on this transitional piece when the weather's too warm for a jacket. Worked from the top down, you can easily adjust...

Reg.Price 69.32
Our Price 63.02

3-Color Helix Watch Cap Knitting Kit

Keep your head snug in style with this colorful cap! Work it in the round without any jogs at the color changes.

Reg.Price 42.76
Our Price 38.87

Britannia Men's Sweater Knitting Kit

This handsome pullover features a repeating pattern of double-row Vs, and a ribbed waist and cuffs. The neck is extra wide and double layered for a st...

Reg.Price 114.26
Our Price 103.87

Laurelie Shawl Knitting Kit

Combine graphic mosaic knitting, garter stitch, and a lovely lace pattern to knit this cozy triangular shawl. Worked in fingering-weight yarn in two c...

Reg.Price 36.36
Our Price 33.05

Ixia Sweater Knitting Kit

Named after the vibrantly colored flower, this short-sleeved tee is a great project for even beginner lace knitters. Work it in stockinette from the t...

Reg.Price 53.21
Our Price 48.37

Cabled Shoulder Cowl Knitting Kit

This cabled over-the-shoulder cowl is a great project for beginners who want to hone their skills. It's the perfect add-on to Allyson Dykhuizen’s clas...

Reg.Price 46.20
Our Price 42.00

Five Penny Shawl Knitting Kit

Working alternating rows with two different balls of long-striping yarn, you'll get color-play without too much fuss. Cast on a few stitches, then kn...

Reg.Price 75.90
Our Price 69.00

Startup Project: Grace Street Hat Knitting Kit

A companion to Allyson Dykhuizen’s class "Startup Project: Cable Hat & Headband." This beginner-friendly kit is the perfect introduction to new cable ...

Reg.Price 14.58
Our Price 13.25

Highland Cable Cushion Cover

Dress up tired throw pillows with a chic cable-knit cover! This kit includes the pattern and all the yarn you need, plus an eGuide for getting gauge. ...

Reg.Price 42.74
Our Price 38.85